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How We Can Help You

We offer so many treatments and different kinds of medical care it's impossible to go into detail about them all. Our primary focus is testing and treatment for illnesses that stem from allergic reactions. Our most common treatments involve those for asthma, hives, hay fever, sinusitis, bee stings, as well as skin and food allergies. Though these conditions may be common, we tailor each treatment to meet your individual needs and we'll be with you through every step of the process.

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Expert Allergy Testing & Diagnosis

Allergy testing and diagnosis is key to finding the right treatment for you. Our physicians are leaders in this field and offer comprehensive allergy and asthma care. The first step is always testing to ensure we understand the underlying causes of your condition. We have the best, most state of the art technology and equipment to help our doctors help you. We have served thousands of patients over the years and many continue to be treated at our facility. They know that our doctors will offer the right diagnosis, the best treatment plan and never leave you in the dark about your condition. 

Our Allergy Care Services Include:

  • Asthma evaluation & treatment
  • Hay fever/seasonal allergy diagnosis & treatment
  • Eye allergy diagnosis & treatment
  • Sinusitis workup & treatment
  • Insect allergy testing & treatment
  • Food allergy testing & treatment
  • Drug allergy testing & treatment
  • Immune system evaluation for recurrent infections
  • Urticaria (hives) evaluation & treatment
  • Skin allergy diagnosis & treatment
  • Contact dermatitis testing & treatment
  • Cosmetic allergy diagnosis & treatment
  • Latex allergy diagnosis & treatment
  • Occupational allergic disorders diagnosis & treatment
  • Scratch/prick and intradermal testing for allergy diagnosis
  • Immunotherapy (allergy shots)
  • Pulmonary (lung) function testing
  • Patch tests for skin allergy diagnosis
  • Laboratory tests for allergy diagnosis
  • And more!